Comunicazione e Marketing, Assicurazioni, Banche e Finanza, Consulenza
Ruolo: Partner, Board Member and Co-Founder
Area: Top Management

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Michaela M. Carboni

Chi è: Michaela M. Carboni, a degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University and a Master in Wellness Management, has more than 10 years experience in the Investor Relations arena and more than 15 years in the Communication area. In 2007, she has been called by Bracco Group as Communication & Investor Relations Director to manage the listing project of its controlled company Bracco Imaging SpA, leader in the imaging agent business. Prior to that, she was Head of Financial Communications & Investor Relations of Buongiorno SpA, world's No. 1 company in mobile entertainment, since the merger between Buongiorno SpA and Vitaminic SpA, leading company in digital music in 2003. Michaela joined Vitaminic as Head of Investor Relations & Communication in February 2000 and managed its listing process in October 2000. Previously, she worked as a communication consultant for international clients (i.e. Xerox, Lycos Network, Symantec, Storagetek...) in Text 100 Public Relations, a leading worldwide PR and Communication consultancy company, and as a Strategic Marketing Consultant in Intercorporate-Strategia e Impresa, an Italian consultancy company for premium price products (i.e. Illy Caffè, Marlboro Classics Wear...). Michaela is also Partner at dPixel, advisor of the Digital Investments S.C.A. SICAR "Seed Compartment". Michaela was professor of 'Financial Communication' within the Master in Communication program organised by CESMA - CentroEsperienze e Studi di Management and of 'Communication and Public Relations' at the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera"