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Michele Bianco

interferentia srl
Consulenza, Difesa e Sicurezza, Gestione Risorse Umane e Formazione Aziendale, Informatica e Software, Telecomunicazioni
Ruolo: Chairman & VP, Senior CyberSecurity Advisor, Business Development Manager Executive
Area: Top Management

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Michele Bianco

Chi è: Over 30 years experience in Telecommunications ICT CyberSecurity DataPrivacy started in ThomsonGroupR&D HDTV then in Telecom Italia active in ETSI Broadband Standard and all Projects for Broadband Italian Networks and Top Customers, designed and developed Intranet of Telecom Italia Group over 135000 employees organized and directed 1th SecurityOffice of ISP TIN.IT/VIRGILIO with over 5M users. Then was CISO of Telecom Italia Chief Security Officer of Bull and GFI Informatique, created ISO15408 Evaluations Labs for Security Certifications accreditated by OCSI and ANS National Security Authority as Health & Public Market Security Lead of Accenture spa developed Business Security Projects as Alliances Managing Director of RESI Group Spa and as Business Devevolpment Cybersecurity Executive of Innovery spa create a Big Data (OSINT) start-up, UE Project Horizon2020 PISDAS and InCloSec in Regione Autonoma Sardegna. Actually is involved in start-up of