Energia, Acqua e Ambiente
Ruolo: Founder and Partner
Area: Top Management

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Andrea Vitullo

Chi è: Andrea Vitullo is an executive coach with more than 12 years' coaching experience and a long career at the senior levels of organizations. He has an international experience in Marketing and Corporate communication with experiences in consumer goods and financial services; he has an educational background in Consulting and Coaching based on Clinical Organizational Psychology. In 2002 building on his interest in the human aspects of organizations, he participated in the first INSEAD/HEC program in Consulting and Coaching for Change and, with a thesis on 'The high touch bank', he obtained the HEC Specialized Masters in Consulting and Coaching with Honors. Andrea Vitullo is a scholar as well, teaching master level courses at the Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan. He has been developing and coordinating a series of conferences and lectures about change, leadership development, personal and spiritual development, and emotional intelligence. As a coach, Andrea designs and delivers various training and team-building initiatives to aid his clients in their development and to deal with personal and professional change