Capgemini Italia spa
Ruolo: Public Sector Communication Consultant
Area: Communication & External Relation Management

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Iria Grandinetti Parsons

Chi è: Public sector communication consultant presso Capgemini: Team Leader of the Emergency&Risk Communication service for the Regional Civil Protection Department (Regione Lombardia - Lombardia Informatica). Key functions: updating crisis plan, communication procedures and communication templates; writing status updates during emergencies and activity reports to department heads. Other activities include: planning and developing annual risk communication plans to targeted audiences (general public - local authorities); issue management and media monitoring; web content management; copywriting of promotional material, support to Regione Lombardia's press office. Achievements: - maximised the efficiency of the communication flow, in terms of reporting and response; - produced new promotional material on risk awareness aimed at general public & local authorities; - increased the customer satisfaction of civil Protection webpages - reduced the language complexity of alerts and emergency communications to the general public.