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Massimo Di Felice

Chi è: Art & Media Maker I create audio-visuals and graphics for a wide range of clients, including production companies, communication agencies, small enterprises and individuals. As a modern craftsman, I specialise in high-quality, lo-fi and often handmade products, favouring a playful and experimental approach to the work. I believe that being 'hands on' in our digital age, and thinking outside the computer, leads to richness in solutions. My main outputs are web, live events and tv. This multi-disciplinary approach has evolved from, and fed, my enthusiasm for mixing media - stemming from my education in both Art (Modern Art, University of Rome) and Filmmaking (Film Production and Direction, New York University). I live in Rome but work worldwide (I speak Italian, French and English), delivering finished products myself, or undertaking a specific role as part of a pre-assembled team.